Check out Newsvine

A new citizen-journalism adventure began in earnest yesterday: Newsvine. It’s sorta like Google News, but is human-driven instead of algorithm-driven. The site lets you give a thumbs-up to news stories from the Associated Press, post (what they call “seeding”) and tag other news stories found on the web, and write your own column for the site. You can even (theoretically) make money off your column by driving traffic to it. The votes/ratings help to determine what shows up on the main pages and other categories.

The interface is quite easy for anyone to use, and just may prove useful in the ever-more-difficult task of sorting through news sites. I’ll have more to say as I poke around it some more.

The site is still in semi-private beta, but if you’re reading this and I’ve piqued your interest, I can send you an invitation.