What is This?

Yesterday, there was a brief and somewhat hysterical post here that served as an intro to Notes from the Metaverse, the WordPress edition. Today, there will be a brief, and I hope more rational post, explaining what is up with this blog. The post would be longer, were I not about to fall over from fatigue. But that’s what you get when you’re an old fart who’s been up past his bedtime all week watching bowl games (and weren’t those last two some dandies??).

Moving right along to the topic at hand. This here WordPress.com location is very likely to be the new home for this thing I’ve been writing off and on for close to three years. Surprisingly enough, it too is called Notes from the Metaverse, and is housed over at the Radio Userland stable. I’m working on a longer posting that will describe the history which should be up in a few days.

Your host is Mike McCallister, author of SUSE Linux 10 Unleashed, in better bookstores everywhere. I’ve been writing about technology for about a dozen years, and covering various other beats for even longer than that. Most of the postings here will be about technology, and most of those will be about Linux and other open source tools. I have been known to drift on occasion, but that’s the nice thing about blogging. You can go off-topic, so long as you don’t annoy the readers too much. I will strive mightily not to do that.

Well, that’s enough for now. Tune in tomorrow!


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  1. Oh my god !
    you’re a pro …. a real one ! Sorry for the not serious comments here and there ! I’ll promise you not to bug anymore (again)

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